Dear Member, 

Welcome to Growing Mart, a new era shopping with shop-n-earn concept. Growing Mart is not only an e-commerce website like others, where you will get only some discounts on products. PNJ Growing Venture wants something different for you. After joining Growing Mart, you don't become only a Member rather becomes a part of Growing Mart and you can sponsor new Members. 

We know your efforts to bring new Members. Hence, we want to give you some reward for your efforts. Through Growing Mart, we will share our profit with our all Members as per below Growth Plan.  We will provide a good regular income from this platform because we know very well " More discounts are for once and this income will be forever"

Growth Club Members's Advantage

As a Growth club member, you enjoy several benefits such as:

♦ A new era shopping with shop-n-earn concept

 Minimum 10% off on every product*

Member Exclusive offers

♦ Priority support for every Growth Club Member

 Shopping at stunning prices of the most popular products & brands

Know your Growth Club Membership & Growth Plan

Note : Kindly check the below FAQs, if you are unable to understand Growth Plan please call us on 7078 613 613, 7078 614 614 between 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. on all days excluding Sunday to get our immediate help.

Suppose Mr. A is new registered Active Member under the Company Id or any other already registered Active Member Id.

 A can sponsor unlimited Members in his 1st down line under his registered Email Id. 

 Only once A will get 500 Bonus Points after sponsoring every new Active Member in his 1st down line. 

  Every 1st down line Active Member can also sponsor unlimited Active Members in 1st down line under each registered Email Id and can get Bonus Points like A. It means unlimited Members can be in 1st down line and 2nd down line of A.

 Every Year A will get 500 Growth Points by each Active Member from his 2nd down line. It means A can get unlimited Growth Points from his 2nd down line every year.

♦ Note: Bonus Points will be released only once to each Active Member from his 1st down line at the time of first renewal membership of every Member.

   Growth Points will be released every year to each Active Member from his 2nd down line from the time of second renewal membership of every Member. 


♦ How can I join Growth Club?

For joining Growth Club, you will have to submit Growth Activation Charges (₹500).

♦ What is the validity of Growth Club Membership?

Growth Club Membership is valid for one year after submitting Growth Activation Charges (₹500).

♦ On which products minimum 10% discount is not applicable?

The minimum 10% discount is applicable on all products except for Patanjali Products, Dairy Products (Edible Oils/Ghee also) and Wheat Flours.

♦ What is the meaning of my Growth Wallet Amount?

It amount shows your shopping limit on Growing Mart. It means you can not take advantage of your membership after crossing Growth wallet Amount.

♦ How do I cancel my membership and get the refund?

If You do cancel your membership, your Growth Activation Charges (₹500) will not be refunded or adjusted.

♦ What is the maximum number of orders that I can place during the membership period?

There is no limit to the number of orders that you can place on Growing Mart.

♦ Who is an Active Member?

After submitting Growth Activation Charges (₹500) a Member will be an Active Member for only one year.

♦ Can I take advantage of my Bonus & Growth Points if I am not an Active Member?

 You can't take advantage of your Bonus & Growth Points.

♦ What are the meaning of Bonus Points?

Bonus Points reflect the amount of money which you get only one time from 1st down line by sponsoring new each Active Member. One Bonus Point is equal one rupee. 

♦ What are the meaning of Growth Points?

Growth Points reflect the amount of money which you get every year from 2nd down line by each Active Member. One Growth Point is equal one rupee.

♦ What if I am unable to sponsor new Members?

It doesn't matter, if you don't sponsor any new Member but if you do so it means you are not a part of Growth Plan.

♦ Is there any time limit for sponsoring new Member?

There is no time limit for sponsoring new Member. You can sponsor new Members any time after joining Growing Mart. But if you really want to your growth with Growing Mart, you will have to fill your 1st down line at earliest. We are excited for your growth.


Note: you cannot place order in bulk because we don't bulk supply of products.If you do so again and again, Growing Mart reserves the right to cancel your membership and in this condition your Growth Activation Charges (₹500) will not be refunded or adjusted.

Growing Mart reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the Membership Conditions at any time without notice. The company’s decision regarding the same shall be final and binding.